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Aticles Vs. Constituion Essay Example For Students

Aticles Vs. Constituion Essay Introduction in American GovernmentComparing the Articles of Confederation and the ConstitutionHello my name is and I have come today to enlighten you regarding the likenesses and the distinctions of the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution. Only a little foundation data about myself, I am a Government major at California Polytechnic University of Pomona . I was asked here today to examine the issues expressed beforehand. Some of you might be contemplating the significance of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States. So let us start with the foundation data of our establishing Fathers. The establishing Fathers comprises of Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Adams, George Washington, James Madison, and James Monroe. These were the most known benefactors of all the establishing Fathers. Every composer has equivalent commitment to the advancement of the Constitution and the articles of Confed eration. The three biggest supporters of the Constuition in the United States were the establishing Fathers in the Constitution and the Articles of the Confederation. In any case, all the ones that I put into point of view are the ones that had accomplished the most work on it and put all the thoughts they had together. Every one of them were knowledgeable individuals and all you folks ought to thank the Founding Fathers for what they have accomplished for you. Okay you have just caught wind of the Founding Fathers from your History educator so I will proceed to clarify the contemplations they had and what they did. The Constitution gives the essential structure of our American Government. The Constitution set up the structure of the Government and a composed arrangement of rules to balances out the lead of the administration . The Constitution was approved in 1788 in Philadelphia. After long denunciation and political fight between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, they at long last came to and Agreement. The Constitution separated the national government into three branches; Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The legislature depends on the standards of detachment of forces and governing rules despite the fact that practically speaking numerous forces and capacities exchanged and are shared. In 1791 the states approved the Bill of Rights so as to shield people from the intensity of the national government. The first Ten Amendments to the Constitution include arrangements for opportunity is religion, discourse,, press, get together, and request. During that time 2000 the Constitution has been revised twenty seven times because of wearisome needs by the individuals. Before the Constitution was confined, a frail focal government had been set up under the Articles of confederation. The Articles of Confederation were made when Richard Lee offered his goals for freedom in June 1776. He recommended that an arrangement of Confederation he arranged for the pioneers a confederation is characterized as a gathering of free states or countries that interlace for a typical lingering reason. The arrangement was then assisted. The board of trustees was affirmed by the Continental Congress in November 1977. This arrangement is likewise considered as the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was the composed system for the legislature of the first 13 states. The Articles were sanctioned by the individual states by March 1, 1781 and went to impact when the war finished. Later Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison convinced the agents to unite to maintain a Constitution Convention in Philadelphia in May 1787. This Convention occurred and was affirmed on February 21, 1787 for the sole reason for reconsidering the Articles of Confederation. The goals which Madison firmly affected and help to draft when for past unimportant modification of the Articles. They reason a completely new national Government under a Constitution. The Similarities Between the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution are some what the same yet they likewise are diverse in the potential that they were two distinctive thought and despite the fact that that they were made by similar individuals, they had got affected contrastingly after they state that wh at they did at the outset had not worked so they came out then with the United States Constitution. I will disclose to you what they did any other way and show the similitudes and the contrasts between both them. Okay if you somehow managed to take a gander at both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, together and take a gander at them intently you come to see that them two are a lot of various. Despite the fact that they were made by similar individuals it is still contrastingly put. The General name of the Nations for the Articles was The United States of America. For the Constitution it didn't have one. The Legislature, Articles Unicameral, called congress. For the Constitution Bicameral, called congress, partitioned into the House of Representatives and the Senate. Individuals from Congress for the Articles, somewhere in the range of two and seven individuals for each state, for the Constitution two congresspersons per state , the delegates are designated by the p opulace from the state. Arrangement of the Members for Congress, the Articles, they were completely chosen by the state governing bodies, in the way every lawmaking body coordinated, for the Constitution agent chose by well known vote. The term of legislatives office, for the Articles it is one year, for the Constitution it two years for delegates, and it is six years for congresspersons. Term Limit for authoritative office, the Articles not any more then three out of at regular intervals, for the Constitution there is none. Congressional Pay in the Articles it is paid by the states, for the Constitution it is paid by the central government. At the point when Congress isn't in meeting, the Articles of the Committee have full intensity of Congress, in the Constitution, the President can call for congress to gather. Seat of assembly in the Article, the President is of Congress, in the Constitution, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Vice President will be President of the Senate . The Executive Branch in the Articles there is none, in the Constitution President. In the National Judiciary the Articles it is Maritime legal executive built up, in the Constitution the Federal legal executive set up including Supreme court. The Adjudicator of debates states, in the Articles it is Congress, in the Constitution it is the Supreme Court. The New States, in the Articles, it is endless supply of the nine states, in the constitution endless supply of congress. The Amendment, in the Articles It is settled upon by all the states, in the constitution it will be settled upon three-forward of the considerable number of states. The Navy, in the Articles Congress will approve to construct a naval force, states will approve to prepare warships to get them out, in the Constitution congress will favor to make a naval force. The Army, in the Articles congress will settle on size of power and demand troops from each state contingent upon the size of the state, in the Constitution, congress approve to make and backing and armed force. The ability to coin cash, in the Articles the United States and the states, in the Constitution just the United States can just coin cash the Ratification Process, in the Articles it is Unanimous assent required , in the Constitution it is of the Consent of nine states required. The Taxes, in the Articles the sum is made by congress however the states are engaged with gathering the assessments. The Bills of Attainder, in the Articles it isn't Forbidden, in the Constitution it is both taboo to the states and to congress. Interstate Commerce, in the Articles, there is no influence over exchange between the states, in the Constitution, interstate business is constrained by Congress. Preeminent ruler, in the Articles, lives in the states, in the Constitution it is the incomparable rule that everyone must follow. These are on the whole the significant likeness and the distinctions that they share. Both the Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution were made by similar individuals yet they were going off of various thoughts be that as it may, they state by assessing the Articles they concocted something better what they called that Constitution. I just disclosed to you the distinctions and the similitude between both the Articles and the Constitution. Perhaps the best thing that the Constitution had was, The Constitution made an increasingly strong national government, taking into account progressively incorporated control of things, for example, instituting cash, implementing laws, gathering expenses, and passing laws. So you eleventh grader ought to have a smart thoughts between the Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution. Work CitedAptheker, Herbert. Early long periods of the Republic. 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How to Tell Your Parents Youre Failing a College Class

Instructions to Tell Your Parents You're Failing a College Class In spite of the fact that there are things you can do if youre bombing a school class-or regardless of whether youve as of now bombed it-breaking the news to your folks is a completely unique issue. Odds are, your folks are going to need to see your evaluations now and again (interpretation: each semester), particularly if theyre paying for your educational cost. Therefore, bringing home a huge F presumably wasnt on your rundown of activities this semester. Given that nobody will be cheerful about the circumstance, as well as can be expected be a fundamental one: Be straightforward, be sure, and be earnest. Come clean with Your Parents About Your Grades Speak the truth about the evaluation. What's going on here? A D? A F? Its better to just have this discussion once. Mother, Im going to get a F in Organic Chemistry is path superior to Mom, I think Im not doing so well in Organic Chemistry followed a couple of moments later by Well, Ive bombed the vast majority of the tests followed by Yeah, Im almost certain Im getting a F however Im not absolutely sure-yet. Now in your life, you without a doubt realize that guardians manage getting terrible news that can improve later than getting kinda awful news that deteriorates later. So simply speak the truth about your evaluation. What's going on here? What some portion of the condition is your issue (not concentrating enough, investing an excessive amount of energy mingling, and so forth.)? Own up to the circumstance and the obligation. Trustworthiness might be somewhat awkward, yet it is without a doubt the best strategy in circumstances like this. Reveal to Your Parents How You Plan to Move Forward Present the circumstance as genuine yet additionally as a development and learning open door for you. Alright, so you bombed a class. What did you realize? That you have to deal with your time better? That you invested an excessive amount of energy simply spending time with individuals? That you have to take less units? That you should be less engaged with clubs? That you have to curtail your work hours? Tell your folks what youre going to do any other way next semester with the goal that this wont happen once more. (Since truly, who needs to have this discussion once more?!) Mom, I bombed Organic Chemistry. Thinking back, I think this is on the grounds that I didnt invest enough energy in the lab/didnt balance my time well/was excessively occupied by all the pleasant things going on nearby, so next semester Im anticipating joining an examination gathering/utilizing a superior time the executives framework/eliminating my co-curricular association. Furthermore, let your folks recognize what your alternatives are in as positive a light as could reasonably be expected. They probably will need to know, What does this mean? Is it accurate to say that you are on scholastic probation? Ready to stay aware of your different courses? Not ready to remain in your major? Be set up for how you can push ahead. Tell your folks what your scholastic circumstance is. Converse with your consultant about what your alternatives are. Mother, I bombed Organic Chemistry, however I conversed with my counsel since I realized I was battling. We will probably have me attempt it once again next semesterâ when its offered, however this time Ill join an examination gathering and go to the mentoring focus in any event once per week. Be Sincere About Your Next Steps You may think youre an entirely decent liar, however guardians can smell deceitfulness from a mile away. You know it, and they know. So be genuine about what youre saying to them. Did you simply goof up and gain proficiency with an exercise about the fact that it is so imperative to go to class? At that point disclose to them that as opposed to attempting to accuse a terrible educator or lab accomplice. Additionally, be earnest about where youre going from here. On the off chance that you dont know, that is alright, also as long as youre investigating your alternatives. On the other hand, be earnest when you tune in to what they need to state. They arent prone to be glad about your bombed class, however they presumably have your wellbeing on the most fundamental level.

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An Absolute Guide On How to Write An Essay Hook

An Absolute Guide On How to Write An Essay Hook Essay writing is one of the significant tasks for students. It is nearly impossible that any student doesn’t write an essay in the span of his/her academic life. Every student needs to write an essay in their academic life. But writing an essay is not enough; the essay should be interesting enough for its reader. So how can we make our essay Interesting for the readers. The answer is with the use of a hook. Here in this blog, we will have a look on how to write an essay hook. Let’s start with a short introduction about what is a hook? What is Hook? Summary What is Hook?How to write an Essay Hook1. Be Sure about you purpose and goals2. Know what type of work you are writing3. Always start by creating an outline4. Write the hook based on your thesis5. Understand your audience6. Make the proper transition to the rest of the essay7. For long writings, You have to use the creative and intriguing hookEssay Hook Examples1. Literary quote3. Anecdote  4. Pose a Question  5. Set a scene6.  Use an interesting Fact7.  State Your Thesis8. Reveal a Common Misconception9.  Offer statisticsConclusion A hook is a statement that is used to attract the user’s attention in your essay. The hook plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of the reader. Without the use of the hook, there is always a chance that the reader may miss grabbing the most critical information in your essay. That’s why they use of the hook is becoming crucial in an essay. It allows you to make your reader concentrate on your paper. A hook is a piece of sentences that works as an attention grabber and helps you to maintain the user’s interest in your essay. A hook can be anything; it can be a question, a surprise element, quotation, a tip, or anything like that. It not just maintain the user’s interest but also help you to create the maintain the flow of the essay. When the readers start reading the essay from the beginning, you essay may contain the solid points in the beginning. But it should contain the attention grabber that will help you to your readers to keep reading the essay.  Lets have a look on how to write an essay hook. How to write an Essay Hook 1. Be Sure about you purpose and goals Without a clear goal and purpose, there is no value of using the hook in your essay. You need to make sure about the specific goal and a clear purpose of your essay. It helps you to define a clear approach that will be interesting for your readers. Now the question is how you should define the purpose of your essay. First, you need to make sure that whether your essay tone will be formal or informal. You should also clear your goal by defining what you are going to tell your audience. Then you can create some hook statements that will help you to reach your audience to the specific goal of your essay.   2. Know what type of work you are writing We know that there are four common essay types in the world, i.e., persuasive, persuasive, argumentative, narrative, and descriptive. And you need to develop different strategies for each. You can also use the hook on your essay based on the type of essay. And make sure that while using the hook in your essay, you need to make sure that the essay should look harmonic and logical. The use of hook varies as per the type of essay, and you can’t use a similar kind of hook to different kinds of essays.   3. Always start by creating an outline Creating an essay outline helps you to get a brief idea of your essay. The outline is also known as the skeleton of the essay. While creating the outline, you need to be sure about your goals that what you are going to tell your readers. From this outline, you can get the idea of where you need to use the hook inside your essay. It also helps you to structure your essay more effectively. You need to use the hook in your essay within the three highlighted areas of your essay, i.e., the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction hook will guide the reader to the body, and the body hook will guide the reader to the conclusion.   4. Write the hook based on your thesis The best use of the hook is according to your thesis. The thesis is the highlighted part of your essay. The hook should be placed in the introduction part and smoothly help you to navigate your readers to the body part of the essay. While using the hook, you need to make sure that the hook is not just relevant to the thesis but also relevant to the significant part of the essay. While writing the most complicated topic on your essay, you can start with some interesting facts about that topic.   5. Understand your audience It is the major mistake done by the students in understanding the audience. Using a hook is not an easy task. You need to do brainstorming to select the appropriate hook in your essay. And you also need to make sure about your audience that what kind of hook will work as a key for your essay and your audience. You also need to take care of their interests that will help you to attract your readers to the essay. You can use the joke if you have a similar kind of readers like your peers. On the other hand, while it is for the professionals, then there should be some interesting facts rather than a joke.   6. Make the proper transition to the rest of the essay Make sure that the hook will help you to make the proper transition to the rest of your essay. As I already mentioned that the hook should be related to the highlighted area of your essay. This hook will allow you to shift your reader’s attention to the introduction to the rest of the part of your essay. Suppose that you are writing an essay on art. Then you can use one of the great hooks, i.e., the quote about the art from the famous artist in the world. It will help you to grab the attention of the reader and help them to understand the opinion of the great artist about the art.   7. For long writings, You have to use the creative and intriguing hook Sometimes we need to write a long-form of the essay. In the long-form of content, it is quite hard to maintain the attention of the users to the essay. In this case, you can use the catchy headlines as the hook of your essay. Not just a creative headline but also a few creative lines within each paragraph of your essay. You can also add a few interesting questions within your essay that will make the users unveil what happens next. The more you create the suspense in the long form of the content, the more you grab the attention of the readers.   Essay Hook Examples 1. Literary quote “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Example William Shakespeare once said, “Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.” 3. Anecdote The anecdote refers to the small sense of humor that helps you to grab the attention of the reader. Example “As I was walking down the market, I couldn’t help but notice a drunken man fall in a dustbin, and instead of asking for help, he was asking for more beer.”  4. Pose a Question The question works well to grab the reader’s attention. Because when we put the question in the essay, we also put the answer to that question within the essay. To get the answer to the question, the readers usually read the long form of the essay without getting bored. Your question should be engaging for the readers. Example “Has it ever strike in your mind what would have happened to Adolf Hitler After the Second World War?”  5. Set a scene Creating a scene is also a great hook. Because most of people create visual cues. When you tell the story to the people within your essay, then the people create the picture of that story in their mind. But you need to make sure that the story should be interesting to the readers. You can either tell the real story, the fictional one or the event-based story.   Example       “Changing jobs was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, going from government job to the private one wasn’t easy enough for me.” 6.  Use an interesting Fact Interesting facts works great as a hook in an essay. Interesting facts work as additional knowledge to the readers. You can use the interesting fact about the topic that you’re representing within your essay. Example “Average family in the USA borrow $25000 loan every year .” 7.  State Your Thesis As I have mentioned earlier that the thesis is the main part of your essay. You can use it as a hook in an essay. Likewise, you can discuss the main argument of your essay at the beginning and then the rest of the supporting argument later. Example “Humans have to take a strong step towards to control climate change.” 8. Reveal a Common Misconception If you reveal the common misconception within your essay, then you built credibility into your reader’s mind. You can do so by doing some research about the misconception and find the relevant evidence that is proving it wrong. In this way, you will pass the knowledge to the reader but also create a great hook to engage with your essay. Example “Believe it or not, Octopus can change color in lightning-fast speed, to protect itself from the danger.” 9.  Offer statistics Statistics is a great hook because it provides the authenticity of the essay. It also showcases your knowledge about the topic. You can use this hook to provide extra information about the topic to the readers and grab their attention. Example The social media users are growing at a rapid pace. There are more than 2.5 billion social media users worldwide. Conclusion A hook is the most powerful element in the essay. If you follow all the tips that we have mentioned above on how to write an essay hook. Then you will surely write a great piece of essay that will be engaging for the users. Never try to use an excessive amount of hook within the small length of the essay. You should use the numbers of the hook as per the length of the essay. If you master, when, and where to use a hook in the essay, then you can be a great essay writer. If you are still finding it tough to write an essay hook, then you can take the help of our essay writing help services. You can also get the best deal of college essay writing help from the experts. If you have any conflicts in your mind about the how to write an essay hook then comment below, we will solve it asap.

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United States Of The Middle East During World War II

Since World War II, the United States of America, in an attempt to further their own interests, has gravely affected the historical development of the Middle East using their resources (economic aid, military aid, technology) and Israel as their instruments of war. The overall impact of US involvement in Middle East politics has ultimately caused the formation of inter-Arab rivalries, forcing countries to take sides and creating an â€Å"us vs. them mentality. When analyzing US involvement in the Middle East since World War II, it is impossible to not talk about the impact Israel has had on the region. In the international community Israel is widely considered an â€Å"expansionist arm† of the United States in the Middle East. The US and Israel’s†¦show more content†¦Israel responded to these threats in a fashion that would make national hero and founder, David Ben-Gurion, proud—they used their air force to completely destroy the air forces of Jordan, Syria, and Egypt before they could even leave the ground. Israeli forces, using their complete control of the sky, advanced to the Sinai Peninsula and easily defeated the Arab coalition forces. US involvement comes into play because in 1965 the US began clandestinely selling arms and fighter jets to Israel via West Germany, which had the affect of making their military vastly superior to any Middle East countries’ armed forces. Had the US not sold these ar ms and fighter jets to Israel then the outcome of the war would not have been nearly as decisive and it could have completely changed history. The Six Day War of 1967 had far reaching consequences that drastically changed the landscape of the Middle East. Israel’s complete domination gave them â€Å"an aura of invincibility† and took away any desire they had to negotiate with the Arab countries who opposed them. Israel took over the oil fields of the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, which was a major source of their country’s revenue. Jordan was forced to surrender the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem to Israel. The West Bank was a major agricultural area for Jordan, and the loss of these two holy sites was not

Academic Performance of Working Students Free Essays

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. Education is universally recognized as a fundamental building block for human development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty, and is a powerful driver for development of individuals and society—improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability. We will write a custom essay sample on Academic Performance of Working Students or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Commission on Higher Education (CHED 1995) states that higher education is primarily bridge between the world of learning and the world of work industrialization has increased the demand for more differentiated skills. The Laguna State Polytechnic University System has been founded to help each student to develop into a total person: who is well equipped with knowledge and skills; one who fits the modern world of technologies; and one who is ready and capable to meet the challenges of life. A bachelor’s of science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) will provide with all the skills needed to success in a wide variety of hospitality management careers. The program allows the students to understand the principles involved in leading a successful hospitality organization. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to practice these principles in applied courses and through an internship. It can individualize the degree program to fit the career field that most interested one. The career hotel and restaurant management concept deal with the preparation for gainful and successful and satisfying life and equip them with knowledge and social relations as well as manipulative skills in developing impotent attitudes and values in work is the aim of hotel and restaurant management course in general. Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee. An employee may be defined as: â€Å"A person in the service of another under any contract of hire, express or implied, oral or written, where the employer has the power or right to control and direct the employee in the material details of how the work is to be performed. † Black’s Law Dictionary Working students can be categorized into two groups: those who primarily identify themselves as students but who work in order to pay the bills and those who are first and foremost workers who also take some college classes. Almost two-thirds of undergraduates who work consider themselves â€Å"students who work†; the other third consider themselves â€Å"workers who study. â€Å"CHED said working students today are mostly into food service, entertainment and sales, apart from their usual stints as library and research assistants. CHED advised working students to get jobs that are not that demanding and that are more closely related to their courses. Working students are ubiquitous in higher education. Students are more likely to work than they are to live on campus, to study full time, to attend a four-year college or university, or to apply for or receive financial aid. Students work regardless of the type of institution they attend, their age or family responsibilities, or even their family income or educational and living expenses. Working while enrolled is perhaps the single most common major activity among in all diverse undergraduate population. Most of the remaining two-thirds of working students state that their primary reason for working is to pay tuition, fees, and living expenses, with upper-income students more likely to work in order to earn spending money or gain job experience. It is difficult to understand the role that work may play in helping dependent students pay for college because income and educational expenses do not appear to significantly influence the likelihood that students will work, the amount that they work, or the amount that they earn. How to cite Academic Performance of Working Students, Papers

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Slave Trade and Colonialism free essay sample

The Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade began when Portuguese interests in Africa moved away from the legendary deposits of gold to a much more readily available commodity slaves, around the mid-fifteenth century. The plantation economies of the New World were built on slave labor. Seventy percent of the slaves brought to the new world were used to produce sugar, the most labor-intensive crop. The rest were employed harvesting coffee, cotton, and tobacco, and in some cases in mining.By the seventeenth century the trade was in full swing, and at its height towards the end of the eighteenth century. It was a trade which was especially fruitful, since every stage of the journey could be profitable for merchants the infamous Triangular Trade. The first stage of the Triangular Trade involved taking manufactured goods from Europe to Africa: cloth, spirit, tobacco, beads, metal goods, and guns. The guns were used to help expand empires and obtain more slaves (until they were finally used against European colonizers). We will write a custom essay sample on Slave Trade and Colonialism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page These goods were exchanged for African slaves. The second stage of the Triangular Trade (the middle passage) involved shipping the slaves to the Americas. Life aboard the slave ships was relentlessly oppressive: Between 10- 20% (around 2. 2 million) slaves died during the transportation. These deaths were due to dehydration, unhygienic conditions, and epidemics of smallpox and over tight packing as the slaves were placed together like books upon a shelf. Starvation was also one of the causes of death as supplies just simply ran out. Slaves aboard the ships would have suffered sever psychological as well as physical trauma.Slaves were chained together, often to those who had already died; they were unable to exercise, were fed from communal bowls and provided with minimal sanitation. The brutality aboard was too awful for words captives endured daily beatings, female slaves were raped and maybe the worst of all was the murder of helpless innocent children born aboard the ship they were merely tossed over the side. The third, and final, stage of the Triangular Trade involved the return to Europe with the produce from the slave-labor plantations: cotton, sugar, tobacco, molasses and rum.The number of voyages to Africa made between 1695 and 1807 from each of the main European ports that were involved in the slave trade was: Liverpool: 5,300 London: 3,100 Bristol: 2,200 Other European ports: 450 In the early asses most of Britain s slave merchants were from London and Bristol. However, Liverpool merchants were increasingly involved and from about 1 740 were outstripping their rivals. Although London, Bristol and other ports continued to send ships to Africa, Liverpool dominated the trade until its abolition in 1807.Indeed Liverpool was the European port most involve d in slaving during the 18th century. Its thought that over 40,000 African slaves were transported by Liverpool vessels. By 1792 Liverpool was firmly established as the leading slave port, with 131 sailings in that year alone. There were five main ways that Liverpool made money from slavery, 1 . The building and repair of slave ships 2. Slave trading, 3. Slave produced goods -? cotton, sugar etc 4. Production of exportable goods- pottery etc 5. Insuring and financing the above operations and industries. Liverpool success did not all come from slavery, but it did bring a lot of money to the town. Towns in northwest and central England supplied Liverpool with goods, and so also benefited from the trade. Although it is estimated that slavery generated a staggering EYE million in Liverpool in one year alone. In the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century that would have been wealth on a scale only equaled today in the City of Loons money markets. The slaves were not brought directly to Liverpool; they were just one part of a triangle. Manufactured goods were shipped from Liverpool to Guiana.These cargoes Were exchanged for slaves who Were then taken direct to the West Indies and sold. Nearly all the leading people in Liverpool, including many of the towns mayors, were involved with the slave trade. Several Liverpool MSP invested money and supported the trade in Parliament. It was highly unpopular to speak out against the slave trade. William Rose and William Rotenone were two of the few who did. Rose went further and joined with the Quakers, and the political leaders like Fox and the political reformer, William Wildflower, to challenge the slavery laws.In 1787 and 1 788 he published tracts and poems attacking the inhumanity and evil of slavery. In his poem The Wrongs of Africa are lines which retain their strength and poignancy to this day: Blush ye not, to boast your equal laws, Your just restraints, your rights defended, your liberties secured, Whilst with an iron hand ye crushed to earth the helpless African; And bid him drink that cup of sorrow, Which yourselves have dashed, indignant, From Oppressions fainting grasp? (Chandler, 1992) Africans didnt just sit back and simply watch the horror which was unfolding there was great resistance. Ships records have uncovered many accounts of slaves rising up against their captors refusing to do what was asked of them, committing suicide, and once captives reached their destination and learned or their fate many attempted escapes. In letters written by the Imagining, Amazing Mamba Fanons, to the King Jiao the 3rd Of Portugal, he writes: Each day the traders are kidnapping our people children of this country, sons of our nobles and vassals, even people of our own family. This corruption and depravity are so widespread that our land is entirely depopulated.We need in this kingdom only priests and schoolteachers, and no merchandise, unless it is wine and flour for Mass. It is our wish that this Kingdom not be a place for the trade or transport of slaves. Many of our subjects eagerly lust after Portuguese merchandise that your subjects have brought into our domains. To satisfy this inordinate appetite, they seize many of our black free subjects. They sell them. After having taken these prisoners [to the coast] secretly or at night .. As soon as the captives are in the hands of white men they are branded with a red-hot iron. Historian Walter Rodney has argued that at the start of the slave trade in the 1 6th century, even though there was a technological gap between Europe and Africa, it was not very substantial. Both continents were using Iron Age technology. The major advantage that Europe had was in ship building. During the period of slavery the populations of Europe and the Americas grew while the population of Africa remained stagnant. Rodney contended that the profits from slavery were used to fund economic growth and technological advancement in Europe and the Americas.Based On earlier theories by Eric Williams, he asserted that the industrial revolution was at least in part funded by agricultural profits from the Americas. He cited examples such as the invention of the steam engine by James Watt, which was funded by plantation owners from the Caribbean. (Rodney, 1 981 ) Eric Williams has attempted to show the contribution of Africans on the basis of profits from the slave trade and slavery, and the employment of those profits to finance Englands industrialization process.He argues that the enslavement of Africans was an essential element to the Industrial Revolution, and that European wealth is a result of slavery. However, he argued that by the time of its abolition it had lost its profitability and it was in Britains economic interest to ban it. (Williams, 1964) By 1835, Europeans had mapped most of northwest ern Africa.